Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We Passed!!!

Today we had our Northern Ireland Tourist Board inspection. This is the last of three inspections on the road to being able to open our doors to paying guests. The first, environmental health, checked to see if we were had the right facilities to cook our guests breakfast, the second, fire service, to check that the accommodation was up to scratch in terms of fire safety and if we needed a fire certificate. This inspection from NITB was the most comprehensive, this was to check the nature of the guest bedrooms, the en suites and bathrooms and the guest lounge and breakfast room. One and a half hours later I was given the good news that we passed!!! In about a weeks time we will have our certificate and be listed on the discover Ireland website. We will launch our own website and open our doors to bookings very soon. Here are some picks of what the inspector got to see.


CyberScribe said...

Well done! You'll probably have a lot of your readers want to avail of your services :-)

Layanee said...

How exciting for you! The rooms look lovely and the garden is evolving before our eyes!